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HeadHubs was born after I struggled to find the right support for diagnosed General Anxiety disorder with bouts of Depression over 10 years ago. I'd been to the Dr's for help and received medication but no other treatment and it wasn't enough. 

Through travelling Asia and India, I discovered other cultures approach to life and how they view happiness. I discovered the following quote from the Dalai Lama "The first step in seeking happiness is learning. We first need to learn how negative emotions and behaviours are harmful to us and positive emotions are helpful."

So that's what I did. I listened to Ted Talks, went to seminars, read books, listened to Podcasts, and over the 10 years I have never stopped. I learnt how my brain works and how my body reacted to stress, what my triggers were and learnt what to do with it all. 
It wasn't until years later as a people manager, I realised that everything I had learnt to support my well being wasn't readily available to others. People were struggling to fit into society, find work life balance, be more confident and find happiness.
So HeadHubs was born, a safe space to learn about our neurology, the physical symptoms of an anxious mind and how we can reduce these feelings to live a happier more fulfilled life.

HeadHubs offers tailored support to women in a safe, digital space. A space where they can share without judgment and start to rediscover themselves. 

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